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We don't garage lighting need to tell you that getting your not-for-profit organisation online is a brilliant way to connect with potential supporters, tell the world about the great stuff you do and persuade people to get involved.

But really, let's face it, sports authority coupon looking after a website can turn out to be a bit of a pain

Keeping it up to date can be time consuming, especially when you’re incredibly busy with a million and one other jobs that need to be done. On top of that, it’s sometimes hard to know if your site is achieving anything or whether all your effort is paying off.

Try some Jam

Jam offers you a straightforward way to create and look after a website for your organisation, along with somewhere to turn for help and inspiration if you get stuck. We’ve worked with not-for-profits of all kinds to develop a wedding pianist in new yorkcitypractical digital strategy that makes things happen in the real world.

We’re building a friendly software tool, a helpful community and a tried-and-tested recipe for online sustainability and effectiveness.

Jam is designed especially for the voluntary sector: we’re funded by the Nominet Trust to help not-for-profits and community groups communicate better online.

Workshop in progress
Pic: A Jam workshop in progress, with our friends from Heage Windmill and Ruddington Framework Knitters' Museum. [Note the packet of Jammie Dodgers, which are essential.]

Our approach

Our process helps you out for your organisation).

You will end up with a site that’s effective, minecraft hosting manageable and geared towards practical results

Get to the point

You concentrate on crafting your message, and we'll make sure everything else keeps running smoothly, works perfectly for all your users (even the ones browsing on their phone), and does everything necessary to comply with accessibility best practice.

No small print

Our ambition is sustainability before profit. We’re hoping Jam will cost around £1 a week (this price covers everything you need except a domain name - we promise we won’t ever try to sell you any add-ons or extras). We think it’s great value.

Design partners

Planning and managing your website is a team effort. Involving everybody makes your site more interesting and shares the work. We feel just the same about the process of building Jam, so we’re collaborating with a fantastic group of co-design partners. You can rely on their insight and experience to ensure that Jam is a practical, relevant and valuable solution for not-for-profits. Drumroll please, for our wonderful design partners…

  • Neston Community & Youth Centre
  • So Many Words Theatre Company
  • iLikeiNeed
  • Fledglings
  • Environment NW
  • Brainstrust
  • Consortium of Development Education Centres
  • Salford Sailing Group
  • Castleton Historical Society
  • Ruddington Framework Knitters Museum
  • Castle Bromwich Singers
  • 237th Castle Bromwich Scouts
  • Keep Britain Tidy
  • Whitley Village
  • Huddersfield Canal Society
  • Portraits of Recovery
  • The Pankhurst Centre

Whether it's been jcpenney coupons a quick chat or an ongoing relationship, we're grateful for their input and support. Thanks how to become a real estate agent also to Sounddelivery and Renaissance East Midlands who've helped us with workshops

Make a website that works for your not-for-profit organisation.

We’re building Jam right now and we’d love you to get .